Frequently Asked Questions :

BoundlessWorld is a complete social media, metaverse and gaming team that aims to create a decentralized, secure and fast platform for complete communication between people in the real world and the metaverse and to entertain. By creating a secure application based on the blockchain platform, it meets all the needs of the audience and also preserves the user's privacy and ends the monopoly of centralized virtual networks and other companies using the Dao consensus of users.
BoundlessWorld is building a unique virtual world on the BNB smart chain platform where players can upgrade, own, monetize and also buy and sell their digital assets (NFT).
It will operate in the fields of Gaming, metaverse, artificial intelligence, NFT, media, App, Exchange, web3
A wallet is a tool to protect and maintain cryptocurrency assets. In addition to having security and high data transfer speed, BoundlessWorld Wallet also maintains user privacy and is improving day by day to meet the needs of users.
BLB is a bep20 token built on the platform of Smart Chain.This token is the main tool and currency of the BoundlessWorld ecosystem.
BLB is the inductor of exchange in the BoundlessWorld ecosystem. It will be needed to buy and sell non-exchangeable tokens (NFT such as Land and Assets from the boundless world market and Game). BLB holders can participate in managing the metaverse. BLB is also used for staking.
It is a piece of digital real estate in the BoundlessWorld metaverse. Each piece of land in this project is a unique and irreplaceable token in the bsc_bep1155_bep721 chain. There will be a total of 66,000 plots of land.
The BundlessWorld project consists of seven planets in the world of Metaverse, which one of them will be open to the public as a digital property for purchase and sale. This planet has seven lands with different features and capabilities. Buying land in BundlessWorld land can be a great opportunity for many investors, because the number of lands and how to distribute them is limited and will proceed with an organized sales strategy.
You can buy and sell the land in the official sale that is in the Market place of our website or you can buy and sell them in the secondary markets like opensea.
In the future, you can interact with each other in the BoundlessWorld with a virtual reality headset and augmented reality glasses in this real but virtual world - play games - participate in concerts and also expand your personal businesses.